Our History


The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was established by dedicated leaders and members.  It was founded on the same Rock JESUS with the same principles that stand today.    

Antioch was founded in 1898 the year of Our Lord and named Edgefield M. B Church.   The church was built on the T. P. Howard Plantation. It was organized under the leadership and vision of the Pastor and Deacons: Rev. Hence Neliom, Tom Hodge, Jim Turner, Tom Mathis and Sam Hamilton. It was built and completed for the cost of $3,190.00. The church held the name of Edgefield Missionary Baptist Church until 1939 when it was renamed Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. Antioch has been rebuilt and undergone several renovations since 1898, but spiritual foundation has not changed since it was originally built .On July 9, 1999, Pastor Freddie Mitchell, Antioch board, along with members of the Sacred Hear t Southern Missions, and Mr. Zaborowski agreed to the purchased of six acres of land in Walls, Ms for the price of $1.00 . A new Church was built & completed in September 2003 on Highway 161 in Walls Ms.    

Rev. Hence Nelliom was the first Pastor, followed by Frank Feggans, Rev. Harris, Rev. O. L. Flynn, Rev. J. T. Wynne , Rev. Hayward Corppetts (assistant Pastor), Rev. Donzell  Hykes, Rev. Freddie Mitchell,  Rev. Robert Hymon III, and current Pastor, Dr. Jevon M. Marshall.    

Antioch has been a leader in the community over the years. It has been known for their generosity to the poor and the needy. It was one of the few churches in the community that allowed civil rights leaders to use its facilities for meetings and organizing votes’ registration, the local chapter of the NAACP and other relate Civil Rights activities. It was also known throughout the community and area for having a great gospel choir.    

Time has an unerring way of moving but with strong leadership,  GOD, and the unwavering faith of its Pastors, Leaders, and members ,“Antioch has been able to stand” There is much more to be done by those that are still alive to carry out the Great Commission of the church. Without a beginning, there is no progress,’ without faith, there is only flattering of spirits; but with God all things are possible to those that believe. (Mark 9:23).  It is with faith, commitment, and dedication that Antioch will continue to STAND!     Upon This Rock JESUS – Antioch Was Built! WE’RE STILL HERE- PRAISE THE LORD!